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Uncle Sam/Neon Blaster

Uncle Sam/Neon Blaster

Product Description

Uncle Sam! a Raccoon signature rack the superior specialty with the most popular NISHIKI effect with colorful pistils.
Neon Blaster blasting through the darkness with super cool magic rings with silver lace.

Dimension and Weight 
Case Volume (CBM): 0.074

Unit Dimension (IN): 14-1/8"X14-1/8"X12-5/8"
Gross Weight (KG): 15
Case Packing: 1/2
Shots Per Unit: Rack 3" 9 shots
Duration (Second): 45(RA57201L)+30(RA55204C)
UPC Code: 757200572010(RA57201L)+757200552043(RA55204C)

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