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Neon Jellyfish/Ghost Killer

Neon Jellyfish/Ghost Killer

Product Description

Neon Jellyfish stinging a vibriant trail into the night sky with the beautiful jellyfish effect.
Ghost killer a super effect with our peach, green and sea blue ghost.

Dimension and Weight 
Case Volume (CBM): 0.074

Unit Dimension (IN): 14-1/8"X14-1/8"X12-5/8"
Gross Weight (KG): 15
Case Packing: 1/2
Shots Per Unit: Rack 3" 9 shots
Duration (Second): 30(RA57212L)+40(RA57217C)
UPC Code: 757200572126(RA57212L)+757200572171(RA57217C)

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